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An Article By: Megan Lang ~Followed by Q&A

The Quickest Thing I Ever Saw

‘That was the quickest thing I ever saw,’ I exclaimed to my dad.

One minute, I’d been sitting atop a hail bail watching the sun set, waiting for him to finish talking on the phone. I turned around to pick up my pup and the next thing I knew, the sunset was over. 

The sky, previously streaked with orange and golden and pink, was now a deep shade of blue-grey. The magnificent painting that was the sunset had disappeared… and we were left standing in an empty field at dusk.

‘It did disappear pretty quick,’ my dad replied to me.

We were quiet for the rest of the walk… I couldn’t stop thinking about how pretty the sky had been and about how I wished it had lasted longer and that I could’ve taken more pictures. 

As I thought about all this, I realized something: some things in life are kind of like that sunset. Sounds crazy, I know, but hear me out. Some things in our lives are just so beautiful and good and wonderful that we never want them to end. We never want to lose them or for them to be over. We want to remember every part of them, we want to have them forever, because they are so, so good. But, eventually, as all good things do, they come to an end. Just like on that night how the sun sunk below the horizon and the sunset was over, things in life end too. They disappear; they sink just out of our grasp. 

People leave. Fun days end. Things break. Relationships fizzle out. Things, people, memories, places get left behind. Good things come to an end, and we’re left feeling just as unsatisfied as we were before they came into our lives. It seems that nothing lasts forever. 

Nothing that is… except one thing. One person. Jesus Christ.

‘Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.’ Hebrews 13:8

Does that verse sound familiar? I don’t know about you but it’s definitely been the focus verse in many past Sunday school lessons. At one point or another, I’m sure I’ve had it stuck up in my room somewhere, and I could probably sing you a few different worship songs featuring that one verse. 

I think when we become so used to hearing something, we can easily forget the significance of it… it can lose its significance to us because we’ve heard it so many times. 

Friend, don’t let this verse lose its weight for you. In fact, read it again.

‘Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.’ Hebrews 13:8

Jesus is the same ALWAYS. He never fails, He never changes, He never gives up on us. He never leaves, He never decides He’s had enough. He is CONSTANT. He is STEADFAST. He is UNCHANGING. His constancy… His faithfulness to us… doesn’t depend on anything we could ever do. He doesn’t leave us the instant we mess up. He doesn’t abandon us when the going gets tough… or in the easy seasons of life either. He doesn’t disappear when we feel like we need Him most.

Friend, I want you to know this truth today. I want it to seep into your heart and impact how you act in every part of your life… Jesus Christ is UNCHANGING. His love for you is UNWAVERING. And nothing in all of the Heavens or the earth could change that.

That sunset I mentioned at the beginning of this post? It was so incredibly gorgeous. My eyes were wide with awe for our spectacular Creator who designed the sky that night… one unlike any I had seen before. I wished I could’ve sat there and worshipped my Saviour under that sky all night long, but alas, almost before I had a chance to fully soak it in, it was gone. Sure, it was beautiful, but it was fleeting.

And the truth is, so many things in this life are just as fleeting. But I know with confidence of one thing that isn’t: Jesus Christ. And friend, I pray that you may know Him too.

Q&A With Megan Lang

What inspired you to start writing? 

Reading! When I was younger I would read allllll the time… Enid Blyton was my favorite but I loved any kind of adventure or mystery book. I would read lots and lots and then I would write little stories and things. As I’ve gotten older and busier though, I haven’t been writing stories so much, mostly posts for the blog. 

What would you say is your hardest obstacle when you write?

Starting the article!! I always write and rewrite the introduction a ton of times before I settle on something I’m happy with. Sometimes I’ll even write the whole article and then go back and do the introduction. 

How long have you been writing?

Blogs- about a year and a half.

Fiction- years, but not so much anymore. 

What is your favorite quote?

I heard this quote by Billy Graham on a podcast once: ‘It is the Holy Spirit’s job to convict, God’s job to love and my job to love.’ I love the reminder that so often when God places us in situations, our main job is just to show love to those around us… nothing else.

What are the top 5 songs on your writing Playlist?

Agh, this is forever changing, but currently I would say:

All Too Well (10 Minute Version) (Taylor’s Version) by Taylor Swift

Where I Go (Acoustic) by Mission House

homecoming queen? – ballerini album version Kelsea Ballerini

I Almost Do (Taylor’s Version) by Taylor Swift

Such An Awesome God by Maverick City Music

When you write, what are the must haves (drinks, snacks, music, quiet, etc.)?

Definitely a nice drink, either water or coffee, and also quiet… I can’t think if I’m listening to music at the same time. But when I working on other things for the blog I’ll have my music blasting!!

What moved you to write this article?

Honestly just what it’s about… the sunset! My dad had to take a phone call so I climbed up onto the hay bale to wait for him to be done and when he hung up we took those picture. Then it was over… it was that quick! 

What is one way God has been unchanging or unwavering in your life?

One thing I’m really grateful for is the Church community God has given me; the story of how our church got to where we are now is pretty awesome and it has God written all over it. Over the last five-ish years now, I’ve been praying (somewhat on and off-ish, haha) for more Christian friends my age, and recently I’ve really seen that prayer answered through the young people at my Church who I’ve known my whole life but maybe haven’t been ‘friends’ with until more recently. I just love how God has been so good to me in that area.

What advice would you give writers?

Write what you feel… and if you don’t feel don’t write. That may sound harsh, but at least for me I know that if I force something when I don’t feel inspired or passionate, it’s never going to turn out much good. If I need to post something and I’m not ‘feeling’ it, I’ll just post something more ‘fluffy’ and fun. 

10. Are you currently working on anything? 

I just finished 12 days of blogmas so I’m taking a little break from anything big, but I’m back to
posting regularly on my blog! I don’t have any projects lined up for now but I do love having
something to work on, so we’ll see in a few months!

Meet the Writer




Megan is a faith and creative lifestyle blogger from London, England where she lives with her family
and fluffy labradoodle pup, Cooper. She loves Jesus, summer, Starbucks and blogging. She runs her
little blog, Not So Perfect, in evenings and at weekends when she writes about Jesus, imperfection
and an abundance of other happy things.

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