An Article By: Sarah Susanna Rhomberg

“And now she’s shattered and heart-broken.” She sighed and looked down. “The thing is this,” she continued, “My friend is sure that God promised it.”  I stood there listening to her telling me about her friend. A friend who had tried to “help” God keep His promise to her. A friend who was now heartbroken. Continue reading “An Article By: Sarah Susanna Rhomberg”

An Article By: Zachary Coffey

Anger. It is an emotional blaze that we have as humans. It can drive and give us strength. But the same flame we use for warmth can also consume us. It needs to be controlled and not allowed to have any dominion in our life. Scripture tells us that anger is not something we shouldContinue reading “An Article By: Zachary Coffey”

An Article By: Rebekah

Have you ever used clay before?Perhaps you made a bowl or just played around with it. But did you ever realize that clay teaches us a very important lesson? The word often used to describe this quality of clay is ‘pliability’. Pliability is what makes clay clay. This is exactly how God works in our lives.

An Article By: M.L. Milligan

The entire Bible is full of stories of ordinary men and women, the young and the underdogs, whom God used in magnificent and glorious ways. Esther was used to save her people (Esther 4:14). Saul was called from a life of persecuting christians to becoming persecuted for Christ’s sake. (Acts 9)  But among these menContinue reading “An Article By: M.L. Milligan”

An Article By: M.L. Milligan

Have you ever played this game? One person says three statements about themselves and the other has to guess which two are true and which one is false. It’s a fun game to pass the time with, especially with someone you don’t know very well. Today, I want to give you two truths and aContinue reading “An Article By: M.L. Milligan”